The Generic Statistical Business Process Model – the GSBPM describes and defines the set of business processes needed to produce official statistics. It provides a standard framework and harmonised terminology to help statistical organisations to modernise their statistical production processes, as well as to share methods and components. The GSBPM can also be used for integrating data and metadata standards, as a template for process documentation, for harmonizing statistical computing infrastructures, and to provide a framework for process quality assessment and improvement. These and other purposes for which the GSBPM can be used are elaborated further in Section VI. This version of the GSBPM is fully aligned with version 1.1 of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) and provides a basis for the implementation of the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA).

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A generic model for spatial statistics production process will be designed in the ESSnet project Geostat 2.

Here will be presented and explained the different process phases of the model on more detailed level.