NFGS Conferences & other Nordic meetings

The Nordic Forum for Geography and Statistics, held its first meeting in Voss, Norway in 1998, targeting employees in the Nordic statistical agencies working with GIS and geodata. The themes of discussion were initially cross-border regional statistics, data visualization and various examples GIS case studies.

Participants outside the Nordic countries soon became interested in participating in the NFGS conferences.  In 2006 the NFGS conference started to change form and gradually changed to a European Forum (EFGS). The focus became European focusing on harmonising statistical products and processes. The first conference outside the Scandinavian countries was in Bled, Slovenia, in 2008.

There were no NFGS conferences held until the NFGS conference in Copenhagen in 2013. Statistics Denmark took the initiative to revitalize the joint Nordic forum focusing on GIS and geodata in the Nordic countries. Statistics Sweden followed up the NFGS conference in 2015 and NFGS is planned to be held every second year.

Nordic meeting 2023 Kongsvinger, Norway

NFGS 2019 Helsinki, Finland

NFGS 2017 Oslo, Norway

NFGS 2015 Stockholm, Sweden

NFGS 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark

NFGS 2007 Helsinki, Finland

NFGS 2006 Kongsvinger, Norway

NFGS 2005 Stockholm, Sweden

NFGS 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark

NFGS 2003 Helsinki, Finland

NFGS 2002 Oslo, Norway

NFGS 2000 Stockholm, Sweden

NFGS 1998 Voss, Norway