Introduction to spatial statistics

Below follows two sections of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) and terminology. The FAQ are based on questions often asked to EFGS while the terminology is based on the Proposal for a common statistical-geospatial terminology database from Eurostat. The aim of these sections is to give a better understanding of what spatial statistics is in the context of EFGS.


This list of Frequent Asked Questions are based on questions asked to the EFGS and the answers provided by members of the EFGS. The list is not finalised and might be modified, but the aim is to give a better understanding of the EFGS and related work.

Handbook of Spatial Analysis

The Handbook of Spatial Analysis, coordinated by Insee with the strong support of Eurostat and the European Forum for Geography and Statistics, draws up the list of analysis that can be carried out with spatial data and the pitfalls to avoid when using them.


This list of terminologies was produced by Eurostat in front of the Meeting of the UN-GGIM Expert Group on the integration of statistical and geospatial information – Lisbon 24 May 2015.

The terms and their definitions are mainly based on information in existing UN-GGIM reports, the Statistical-Spatial-Framework of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, INSPIRE, the European Statistical System and Wikipedia.

The list is not finalised and might be changed, in case of questions please contact: