The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework

The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework (GSGF) is a high-level framework which facilitates consistent production and integration approaches for geo-statistical information. It is generic and permits application of the framework principles to the local circumstance of individual countries.

The global framework has been developed by the joint UNSC/UN-GGIM Expert Group on Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information, based on a national framework in Australia. Having a common method of geospatially enabling statistical and administrative data and integrating this with geospatial information through an internationally agreed framework will enable:

  • new, better and more integrated information for analysis and decision making processes;
  • comparisons within and between countries;
  • increased information on smaller geographic areas;
  • the development of common tools/applications to support the integration and sharing of data;
  • commercial development of geospatial tools that will further support data integration; and,
  • generally more efficient production of information.

Please see more details in the document The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework.