Statistics Austria’s geospatial statistics portfolio

by | Jan 21, 2022


Principle 5, geospatial statistics, grids, non-aggregated data


Statistics Austria provides a fixed portfolio of geospatial statistics on the basis of grids from smaller to larger grid sizes. 100m is the smallest size for absolute values; further characteristics subject to confidentiality are available from 250m. Grid statistics are available from various data sources. As this is a commercial product, a licence agreement has to be signed and the data has to be paid for.

Some analysis demand precise results (e.g. only buildings within the flooding zones etc.) which cannot be obtained using grids. Statistics Austria can use non-aggregated point-data for internal production or analyses, but for confidentiality reasons data can only be published in an aggregated way. Therefore, Statistics Austria also offers customised analysis, where customers provide the polygons of interest and get the results of a point in polygon analysis in return. Again, this service has to get paid for and is subject to confidentiality.

Exceptions as to using non-aggregated data are in the mapping environment, where e.g. road accidents are mapped and disseminated using the precise location. Similar applications show “buildings under construction” and “schools” where the precise point-locations are used in dissemination of data.

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