Open geography portal by Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom

by | Jan 24, 2022


Principle 3, Principle 4, statistical and administrative geographies, common geographies, open data, API, linked open data


This use case mainly refers to requirement to set up and maintain a consistent framework of national statistical and administrative geographies. In particular, this case demonstrates a practical implementation of the recommendation that all national administrative, statistical and functional geographies with relevance for production and dissemination of official statistics should be provided as authoritative geospatial data in compliance with the technical specifications of INSPIRE. The case is also relevant for the request to explore the potential of Linked Open Data.

Open geography is a framework that provides the definitive source of geographic products, tools and services to a range of customers, including statistical producers and the private sector. These products can be accessed via the Open Geography portal (compliant with the EU INSPIRE directive to deliver harmonised spatial data across the EU) or with additional information via the categories in the main products page.

The ONS Geography Linked Data site is the access point for information on statistical geographies required to support the use of official statistics. It is designed to allow users to discover, view and use geospatial data. The site is complementary to the Open Geography Portal. It allows access directly to data within the geography products, in machine-readable form and using an Application Programming Interface.

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