Statistical Grid in Brazil

The IBGE launched some products for dissemination of grid statistics. The first one is a web interactive application that allows users to visualize a thematic map showing the population density in different cells size (from 500 km until 1km in rural areas and 200 m in urban areas). Users can also perform graphical queries simply drawing a polygon on the screen and getting the figures for total population, population by sex and total households.


The second product is a digital atlas called Brazil 1 by 1. This atlas shows maps and graphs of the main variables of the 2010 Population Census. Users can see with great detail (1 km square cell) the heterogeneity of the country and can explore many dimensions of population features, housing and neighborhood.


The third product related to statistical grid is a web application that connects population with physical and environmental spatial units called Population and Environment. Many times users need to know how many people live in a watershed or in a relief unit. Other times people are just curious to know how many men and women live in a region that is 10 km away the coast. The answer can be easily found in this web map application.


 Contact: Maria do Carmo BUENO at Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics