GSGF Europe: User Guide

The User Guide aims to help and assist users to produce geospatial statistics in a consistent, systematic and harmonised way, introducing supporting material related to GSGF Europe – the results from all consecutive GEOSTAT projects.

The document provides a methodological overview on the related processes, particularly statistical processes using geospatial content and geospatially related activities are in focus. The GSGF Europe Reference Architecture and implementation guide aim to describe geo-enabling the statistical production processes while linking them with the GSBPM and GeoGSBPM. This general insight of the geospatial perspective within the statistical production process presents a range of strategic orientations and recommendations on topics related to geospatial requirements to produce high-quality geospatial statistics, such as a point-based foundation for statistics and confidentiality issues.

The document also considers non-technical aspects, such as organisational and institutional components that support the feasibility of the implementation of GSGF Europe. The organisational and institutional components encompass topics related to national capacity building, institutional collaboration and cooperation, and roles and responsibilities from the three key communities – statistical, geospatial and administrative data communities. In this regard, the identified requirements and recommendations for each GSGF principle are linked to different activities of organisations establishing the relation between operational aspects and fields of action with organisational dimensions. This ensures multi-level interdisciplinary capability development and stakeholders’ accountability. In addition, the relations and contributions between each of the above-mentioned communities and GSGF principles are described to highlight how joint collaboration is crucial to conduct successfully GSGF in Europe.

The document introduces and summarises the core outcomes of the GEOSTAT projects through a brief presentation form that includes an abstract (problems and relevance of the topic), purpose (objectives and brief description of the document’s outline) and reference including the location of the document on the web. These core outcomes provide a detailed analysis and considerations about different topics to ensure completely the implementation of the GSGF in the European context.

The document to download in pdf: GSGF Europe: User Guide