Geocoded Statistical Information within the German Statistical System – State of Play

Kathrin Gebers (Federal Statistical Office of Germany)

In November 2017, the Federal German Statistical System has set itself the goal to geocode every statistic, which has a spatial reference below the municipal level until the end of 2019. 80 % of these statistics, including the business register, were geocoded by the end of 2018. The geo-coordinate now is seen as a granted attribute, in order to provide and disseminate statistical information adequately, up-to-date and accordingly to international standards. The integration of statistical and geospatial information is understood to create a statistic overarching potential for analysis, which goes beyond small scale cartographic presentation of single statistics. The presentation provides a comprehensive summary of obstacles in the fields of legislation and organization, which needed to be overcome, such that the analysis of integrated data may be undertaken, methods may be developed and results may be published. An outlook on the currently discussed topics, e.g. presentation of statistical information in grid cells of non-homogenous sizes, will be given.