EFGS 2020 Webinar

20 – 21 October 2020

About the webinar

We invite you to the European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) 2020 Webinar which is to be held on 20-21 October 2020. The webinar is organized by Statistics Poland with support from EFGS, Eurostat and Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland. Please note that this meeting is organized in place of 13th EFGS Conference on integration of geography and statistics and will be held for the first time in a scaled down virtual format. Due to the continued impact of COVID-19 EFGS conference cannot be organized in its traditional form this year.


✓  you would like to be a part of GSGF Europe implementation in all stakeholder organizations

✓  you are interested in ESS methodological guidance and are convicted that additions to the ESS quality framework are needed

✓  you have interesting ideas on how to create other guidelines e.g. best practice cases and training materials targeted to enable the users to fully utilize the GSGF Europe framework

this webinar is for YOU!

During the event we will attempt to explore five sections of the GSGF principles, which form the main thematic sessions of the webinar:

1. Use of fundamental geospatial infrastructure and geocoding;
2. Geocoded unit record data in a data management environment;
3. Common geographies for dissemination of statistics;
4. Statistical and geospatial interoperability;
5. Accessible and usable.

More information soon

Please follow the webinar website, regularly updated with latest information.    


The event will consist of four 2-hour virtual meetings. We encourage you to submit abstracts related to the topics listed in the section “About the webinar”. Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted via contact e-mail EFGS2020@stat.gov.pl no later than 6 September 2020.


European Forum for Geography and Statistics European Forum for Geography and Statistics – EFGS started as a voluntary cooperation between National Statistical Institutions (NSIs) in the Nordic countries in 1998 on use of geographic information systems (GIS) and statistics.
Today EFGS has national contact persons from more than 40 states and territories, having annual conferences and meetings. European Forum for Geography and Statistics (previously called European Forum for Geostatistics) activities are mainly concentrated on the development of the best practices in the production of geostatistics in Europe.
More information about activity of the community you can find on the EFGS website www.efgs.info.

Lars H. Backer Prize

The Lars H. Backer Prize in memoriam of Lars H. Backer will be awarded for major contributions to the development of a geospatial foundation for official statistics or for significantly improving the relevance of geospatial statistics for evidenced-based decision making.
Relevant activities include eminent work for the development of geospatial statistics, improving the access to geospatial information for statisticians, preparing relevant ground-breaking legislation, conducting high quality research on territorial development using geospatial statistics, development of innovative tools and software, or major achievements in training and education on creating and using geospatial statistics.
More details about the process of nomination and selection you can find on the EFGS website here.


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All participants have to register for the event by 14 October 2020.