EFGS 2020 Webinar

20 – 21 October 2020

About the webinar

European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) 2020 Webinar was held on 20-21 October 2020. The webinar was organized by Statistics Poland with support from EFGS, Eurostat and Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland. Please note that this meeting was organized in place of 13th EFGS Conference on integration of geography and statistics and was held for the first time in a scaled down virtual format. Due to the continued impact of COVID-19 EFGS conference could not be organized in its traditional form in 2020.

During the event we explored five sections of the GSGF principles, which formed the main thematic sessions of the webinar:

1. Use of fundamental geospatial infrastructure and geocoding;
2. Geocoded unit record data in a data management environment;
3. Common geographies for dissemination of statistics;
4. Statistical and geospatial interoperability;
5. Accessible and usable.


The event consisted of four 2-hour virtual meetings. The programme to download is available here

CETDay 1, 20th October
12:00 - 12:40 Webinar Opening & Welcome speeches: Recording

Statistics Poland - Dominik Rozkrut - President of Statistics Poland
EFGS - Janusz Dygaszewicz - EFGS President, Director of ICT Systems, Geostatistics and Census Department presentation
Eurostat - Christine Wirtz - Acting Director Directorate E: Sectoral and Regional Statistics
GUGiK - Waldemar Izdebski - Surveyor General of Poland presentation
12:40 - 14:05Session 1 Recording Chat
Session moderator: Julien Gaffuri
12:40 - 13:00Keynote Speaker- Hannes I. Reuter - Building up a European address database – GISCO’s first experiences abstract presentation
13:00 - 13:15Principle 1 - Joaquín Valverde Martínez, Iria Enrique Regueira - GSGF in Cartography & Statistics Andalusia abstract presentation
13:15 - 13:30Principle 1 - Dominique Laurent - Comparison between core and high value data and potential impact on GSGF abstract presentation
13:30 - 13:45Pekka Latvala - Proof-of-concept service for geospatial and statistical data integration abstract presentation
13:45 - 14:05Summing up and discussion
14:05 - 14:15Break
14:15 - 16:00Session 2 Recording Chat
Session moderator: Gregory Scott
14:15 - 14:35Keynote Speaker - Gregory Scott - GSGF/IGIF presentation
14:35 - 14:50Principle 2 - Kevin McCormack, Lorraine McNerney - The integration of statistical and geospatial information: Ireland’s national COVID-19 response abstract presentation
14:50 - 15:05Principle 2 - Selin Tekin, Birkan Erguc - Spatial analysis on consumer price index data in Turkey abstract presentation
15:05 - 15:20Principle 3 - Joaquín Valverde, Martínez; Serafín Ojeda Casares; Ana Ramírez Torres - Counting of houses in the Cadastre abstract presentation
15:20 - 15:35Principle 3 - Črt Šuštar - Modernisation of Agricultural Statistics in Slovenia abstact presentation
15:35 - 16:00Summing up and discussion
CETDay 2, 21th October
12:00 - 13:50Session 3 Recording Chat
Session moderator: Martin Brady
12:00 - 12:20Keynote Speaker - Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu - UNGGIM: Europe Working Group on Data Integration – Status and Outlook abstract presentation
12:20 - 12:35Principle 4 - David Martin, Samantha Cockings, Andrew Harfoot - Time-specific population grids for pandemic scenarios using Population 24/7 abstract presentation
12:35 - 12:50Principle 4 - Andrew Cooling, Alistair Calder, Robert Kaleta - Supporting the UK’s COVID-19 response – a collaborative approach by Ordnance Survey and the Office of National Statistics abstract presentation
12:50 - 13:05Principle 5 - Hanna Brenzel, Kathrin Gebers, Mirko Siebold, Holger Heidrich-Riske, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Marcus Brühl - The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework – A German Perspective abstract presentation
13:05 - 13:20Principle 5 - Gísli Pálsson, Ómar Harðarson, Violeta Calian - Using small statistical units to abstract commuting networks in Reykjavík, Iceland abstract presentation
13:20 - 13:50Summing up and discussion
13:50 - 14:00Break
14:00 - 15:40Session 4 Recording Chat
Session moderator: Janusz Dygaszewicz
14:00 - 14:15GEOSTAT4 status - Rina Tammisto, Antti Santaharju presentation
14:15 - 14:35New international initiatives - Tim Trainor presentation
14:35 - 14:50Discussion
14:50 - 15:05Summing up and closing
15:05 - 15:40 EFGS General Assembly Recording Chat presentation


European Forum for Geography and Statistics European Forum for Geography and Statistics – EFGS started as a voluntary cooperation between National Statistical Institutions (NSIs) in the Nordic countries in 1998 on use of geographic information systems (GIS) and statistics.
Today EFGS has national contact persons from more than 40 states and territories, having annual conferences and meetings. European Forum for Geography and Statistics (previously called European Forum for Geostatistics) activities are mainly concentrated on the development of the best practices in the production of geostatistics in Europe.
More information about activity of the community you can find on the EFGS website www.efgs.info.

Lars H. Backer Prize

The Lars H. Backer Prize in memoriam of Mr. Lars H. Backer is awarded annually during EFGS conferences for major contributions to the development of a geospatial foundation for official statistics or for significantly improving the relevance of geospatial statistics for evidence-based decision making.

The Prize has a great importance for the winner and the whole EFGS community gathering to celebrate and congratulate the winner. However, due to the current pandemic situation and no possibility to organize a face to face meeting, EFGS Steering Committee has decided to postpone the nominations for the Prize until the next EFGS conference planned in 2021.


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