UNGGIM: Europe Working Group on Data Integration – Status and Outlook

Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group on Data Integration

The aim of UN-GGIM: Europe is to ensure that the national mapping and cadastral authorities and national statistical institutes in the European UN Member States, the European Institutions and associated bodies work together to contribute to the more effective management and availability of geospatial information in Europe, and its integration with other information, based on user needs and requirements. This will be achieved by: (1) dealing with the issues identified in the reports of the UN-GGIM: Europe working groups during the preparatory phase; (2) giving a European focus to the recommendations of UN-GGIM global initiatives, and (3) providing the opportunity for uptake of European issues at the global level where relevant, and contributing to similar efforts in other regions.
One of the efforts is the UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group on Data Integration which defined in October 2019 the new work plan for the period 2019-2022. Members from 20 European Countries and the European Commission agreed to focus on three main tasks. These include
• Analysis of further SDG indicators with focus on environmental issues,
• Collection of “Data Integration Methods” to enhance and promote data integration in general.
• Tackling as an Advisory Group to serve data integration activities and projects of the United Nations and the European Commission.
The presentation will report how principle 4 ‘Statistical and geospatial interoperability’ of the Global Statistical Geospatial Framework (GSGF) is relevant for the SDG indicator calculations as well as for different data integration methods like Table Joining Service or Linked Data.