The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework – A German Perspective

Hanna Brenzel, Kathrin Gebers, Mirko Siebold, Holger Heidrich-Riske (Destatis), Pier-Giorgio
Zaccheddu, Marcus Brühl (BKG)

In 2019, UN GGIM endorsed the Global Statistical Geosptial Framework (GSGF), in 2020 UN Statistical Commission followed. The implementation of the framework promotes the production of harmonised, standardised and georeferenced statistical data. The resulting data can be linked to further statistical, spatial and other information, thus enabling an information- and data-based decision-making process.
With the aim of developing an European view of the GSGF, the European Statistical System (ESS) elaborated within the GEOSTAT 3 project an implementation guide (GSGF Europe) in cooperation with European survey administration.
The Federal Office of Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) together with the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) evaluated and analysed the requirements and individual recommendations which were formulated within this implementation guide for each of the five principles of the GSGF in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the situation in Germany. An overview of the current situation, the most important findings, and future tasks will be presented.