Comparison between core and high value data and potential impact on GSGF

Dominique Laurent

Data is a key topic for the geostatistical community and the need for common approach at European level has been recognised for several years already.

With this in mind, a dedicated UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group has selected several core data themes and elaborated recommendations for content for these themes. More recently, the Open Data Directive of the European Union has introduced the requirement for high value datasets to be made available by member states, and the cabinet Deloitte has been missioned by the European Commission to carry out an impact assessment study on the list of these datasets.

The presentation aims to remind the context and objectives of these two initiatives and to show their similarities and differences regarding the choice of selected themes, feature types, key attributes, geographical coverage amongst other.

It will focus on the themes of main interest for the GSGF among the selected themes, i.e. the themes necessary for use of fundamental geospatial infrastructure and geocoding and for common geographies for dissemination of statistics. This is the case of themes Addresses, Cadastral Parcels, Buildings, Administrative Units, and Statistical Units.