NFGS 2015 Conference Stockholm, Sweden

Programme and presentations for the Nordic Forum for Geography and Statistics 2015


NFGS Participants 2015

The NFGS Conference was organized and hosted by Statistics Sweden on the 9th-10th September 2015. The conference addressed methods, baseline data, confidentiality and presentation of statistics. Another focus area for the 2015 conference was international activity related to spatial statistics discussing UN-GGIM as well as how different Nordic countries work with the Inspire directive.

Nordic Forum for Geography and Statistics (NFGS) was active until 2007 when the forum changed shape and became European, European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS). EFGS has now grown in size, and many participating countries have very different challenges compared to the Nordic participants.

As the Nordic countries have much in common as baseline data, methodologies and visualization, Statistics Denmark declared the desire in 2013 to start over with NFGS. As a result NFGS reemerged in 2013 and the conference in Stockholm was a continuation of the forum that is planned to proceed with conference frequency of every other year.

Statistics Norway has expressed their interest in organizing the next NFGS conference in Norway in 2017.


Moderator: Marie Haldorson, Director of Regions and Environment Department, Statistics Sweden

Wednesday 9

10.45–11.00 Registration

11.00–11.30 Statistics Sweden and spatial statistics. International projects

Marie Haldorson, Statistics Sweden

11.30–12.30 Lunch

12.30–13.00 ELF and other international projects where the Swedish Mapping Agency is involved

Bengt Kjellson, Director General Lantmäteriet

13.00–13.30 Strategies for communication

Stefan Svanström, Statistics Sweden

13.40–16.30 Country reports

News of general interest, e.g. about national trends concerning spatial data, open data, Inspire

Country report for Statistics Denmark

Country report for Statistics Finland

Country report for Statistics Norway

Country report for Statistics Sweden

19.00–22.00 Archipelago Dinner Cruise on board of S/S Stockholm

Thursday 10

09.00–11.00 Disclosure control. How each country enforce and interpret existing legislations on the subject

Disclosure control introduction for Statistics Sweden

Disclosure control report for Statistics Sweden

Disclosure control report for Statistics Denmark

Disclosure control report for Statistics Finland

Disclosure control report for Statistics Norway

11.00–11.30 Delimitation of centre zones in urban settlements

Erik Engelien, Statistics Norway

11.30–12.45 Lunch

12.45–13.15 SSW – Spatial Statistics on Web

Marja Tammilehto-Luode, Statistics Finland

13.15–14.15 Visualization of spatial statistics

How each country presents their strategy for visualization of spatial statistics. What software is used? How is the work organized, is it a part of the dissemination strategy at your NSI?

Visualization at Statistics Denmark

Visualization at Statistics Finland

Visualization at Statistics Norway

Visualization at Statistics Sweden

14.30–14.45 Inspire-harmonized data in the Nordic countries

At 2020 our Inspire-data are to be harmonized according to Inspire data specifications. The Nordic countries have to cooperate when it comes to harmonizing cross-border data. We start a discussion on how to cooperate and communicate about this. What is the timetable for harmonization in each country?

Inspire work at Statistics Sweden

(For Inspire work at the other Nordic Statistical Institutes)

14.45–15.00 Discussion and summary