NFGS 2006 Conference Kongsvinger, Norway

Program Nordic Forum for Geo-statistics

Norway, Kongsvinger, Skansg�en 12th – 14th September 2006

Statistics Norway

Hosts: Vilni V. H. Bloch, National contact Nordic forum for Geostatistics Arne Knut Ottestad, GIS coordinator and GIS arrangements

A00 Program and presentations

Day one 12th September Session 1 Frameworks, programs and projects

Chairman Gl�n Norway

08.30 Coffee
09.00 Welcome Olsen Norway
09.15 Introduction Bloch/Ottestad Norway
A01 09.30 INSPIRE Dufourmont Eurostat
A02 10.15 INSPIRE in a national context – the “Digital Norway” case Lillethun Norway
10.45 Coffee break
A03 11.15 LUCAS Fritz Eurostat
A04 11.45 LUCAS in Norway Strand Norway
12.15 Lunch
A05 14.00 Experiences with grids in Eurostat Wirthmann Eurostat
A06 15.00 New GEO_STP project : Information and discussion Backer Sweden
17.00 End of session
Day two 13th September Session 2 Grid based Statistics

Chairman Tammilehto-Luode Finland

08.30 Coffee
A07 09.00 Estimation of Potential Surfaces from Gridded Statistics Strobl Austria
A08 09.20 Grid based Spatial Disaggregation Steinnocher Austria
A09 09.40 Market report on grid data in Denmark Sommer/Skjelbo Denmark
A10 10.00 Localities Saarinen Finland
A11 10.20 Delineating population clusters using grid cells Leuwen Netherlands
A12 10.40 Discussion: Data Protection – Call for a European guideline on Thresholds Kaminger Austria
11.00 Coffee break
Session 3 Societal and environmental analysis

Chairman Sommer Denmark

A11 11.30 Neighbourhood sampling framework Kl�e Norway
A12 11.50 Environmental indicators using GIS analyses Engelien Norway
A13 12.10 Dynamic socio-economic mapping of neighbourhoods Bloch Norway
A14 12.30 Built-up areas using satellite images Eriksson Sweden
A15 12.50 Corine and land use statistics Eriksson Sweden
13.10 Lunch
15.30 Cultural event
Day three 14th September Session 4 Web, portals and applications

Chairman Lillethun Norway

08.30 Coffee
A16 09.00 Web map application for presidential elections in Finland Kanerva Finland
A17 09.20 GI metadata Laurila Finland
A18 09.40 Spatial database Lepp�n Finland
A19 10.00 Geoportal for Statistics Sweden Backer Sweden
A20 10.20 PX-Map V.2.0 demo Dysterud Norway
10.50 Coffee break
Session 5 Reflections for the future

Chairman Eriksson Sweden

A21 11.20 Future possibilities for national data catchments Dysterud Norway
A22 11.40 Disclosure control and small area statistics Bloch Norway
A23 12.00 Reflections on geo-statistics development Backer Sweden
A24 12.20 Conclusions Backer Sweden
12.40 Lunch
14:00 End of conference


B01 Grid based Spatial Disaggregation of Population Data Steinnocher et. al Austria
B02 Delineating residential areas using grid cells Leeuwen Netherlands
B03 Socio-economic neighbourhood mapping in Norway Bloch Norway
B04 Grid based mapping of Swiss census data Meyer Switzerland

Country reports

C01 Mapping Activities in Statistics Estonia – I Nael et. al Estonia
C02 Mapping Activities in Statistics Estonia – II Nael et. al Estonia
C03 GI activities at Statistics Finland 2006 Saarinen Finland
C04 Geostatistics in Latvia – I Rudzite et. al Latvia
C05 Geostatistics in Latvia – II Zeila et. al Latvia
C06 Status report on GIS for Statistics Norway Ottestad Norway
C07 GIS in the statistical office of the Slovak Republik Masaryk Slovak Republik


D01 Population on 1×1 km grid. 8 countries

D02 Statistics population on 1×1 km grid. 8 countries

D03 Nordic Forum for Geostatistics 2006 conference

D04 Geostatistics at Statistics Norway 2006

D05 Swiss nationality maps

D06 Swiss nationality maps. Mixed grid sizes

D07 Swiss population density maps

D08 Population on 1×1 km grid. Estimations

The population density map is a result of a research project on the feasibility of disaggregating population available at LAU2 level using CORINE Land Cover data as additioal information source. The method is described in the publication Gallego F.J., Peedell S. (2001): Using CORINE Land Cover to map population density. Towards Agri-environmental indicators, Topic report 6/2001 European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, pp. 92-103. (


E01 Entrance to the Slavery

E02 Walk in the old wooden house part of Kongsvinger

E03 Listening to the guide I

E04 Listening to the guide II

E05 Enrolment to the fortress

E06 The commander of the fortress held a speech

E07 Line up at fortress walls

E08 Strategies are made

E09 Plans are made

E10 Discussions goes high

E11 Orders are given

E12 Orienteering neccesse est

E13 Cartographers point out target

E14 The generals overview

E15 View from the fortress

E16 Conclusions are drawn

E17 Participants listen I

E18 Participants listen II

E19 Skansg�en kitchen

E20 Skansg�en conference room

E21 Skansg�en dining room

E22 Skansg�en small room II

E23 Skansg�en and souroundings


Participants and contributors

F01 Participants, contributors and expressed interests

Compendium I and II

G01 Compendium I . Papers, presentations, country reports

G012 Compendium II. Presentations