Findiagram – Visualizing Finnish topographic data for better decisions

Teemu Saloriutta (National Land Survey of Finland)

In Finland, the new National Topographic Database has been built since 2016. It is based on strong co-operation between national authorities and municipalities. The database currently includes five themes: buildings, hydrography, land cover, transport networks and elevation. Each spatial feature in the database has a persistent ID and rules for quality and lifecycle management. The up-to-date, high-quality data makes it possible to create useful statistical visualizations. To get more benefits for society, we are setting up Findiagram: a user-friendly visualization service aimed for decision makers, data journalists and citizens. Findiagram includes possibilities to draw diagrams based on almost any attributes of the topographic data. How many summer houses there are in each municipality? What is the proportion of geothermal heating in Finland? Which municipality has most water-covered area? Just a few clicks and you will have the answers.