EFGS 2009 Conferences The Hague, The Netherlands

Presentations 5-7 October 2009

The meeting focusus on best practices and relevant theoretical work, discussing the way to “bridge the gap” between theory and practice in GeoStatistics.
European Forum for GeoStatistics 2009

The European Forum for GeoStatistics 2009 conference, the Netherlands, 5-7 October 2009.
European forum for GeoStatistics 2009 workshop was held in the Netherlands, The Hague, Monday 5th – Wednesday 7th of October 2009.



Organisation of the EFGS
Vilni Verner Holst Bloch


Session: Small area statistics

Building time-specific population grid models
David Martin, UK
Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Geo-statistics: an investigation into spatial scales
Mathieu Vliegen, Netherlands
Abstract     Presentation

Building and using gridded census data for the analysis of the socio-spatial structure of French cities
Jean-Luc Lipatz, France
Abstract     Presentation

Work on matching addresses of night time population without geo reference,
Michael Berg Rasmussen / Eric Sommer, Denmark
Abstract     Presentation

GRID map of Household and Population data in Kosovo
Rrahman Tara / Idriz Shala, Kosovo
Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Confidentiality and statistics on grids
Bjorn Thorsdalen / Vilni Verner Holst Bloch, Norway
Abstract     Presentation

Access to grocery stores
Johan Stalnacke, Sweden
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Session: Socio economic and environmental research

Geovisualization of small area statistics in the NCVA eXplorer
Johnny Sehlin and Stefan Svanström, Sweden
Abstract     Presentation

Simple indicators used in Danish statistics dealing with traffic and environment
Michael Berg Rasmussen, Denmark
Abstract     Presentation

Improved disaster management with use of demographic data
Jos Kuilboer, Netherlands
Abstract     Presentation

The use of geostatistics for the analysis of Europe’s regions
Hugo Poelman, European Commission, DG Regional Policy
Abstract     Presentation

Using grid data to locate specific cultural landscapes
Grete Stokstad, Norway
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Session: Geostat project

The Geostat ESSnet project, a Multibenificary Eurostat Grant
Ekkehard Petri (Eurostat)

The Geostat ESSnet project proposal
Vilni Verner Holst Bloch

Work packages User Needs, Geostatistics, Infrastructure and Exploitation, Distribution and Dissemination
WP 1: User needs: Ingrid Kaminger
WP 2: Geostatistics: Marja Tammilehto-Luode
WP 3: Infrastructure: Niek van Leeuwen
WP 4: Dissemination, distribution and exploitation: Vilni Verner Holst Bloch, Lead


Session: Statistics and GIS

Geodata-infrastructure, a battle between Open Source and Commercial software (EOH/OLN)
Eileen Hokaasen/Ola Nordbeck, Norway
Abstract     Presentation

Plans for use of GIS in front of 2010 agricultural census
Geir Inge Gundersen, Norway
Abstract     Presentation

Spatial Information in the Polish Official Statistics
Janusz Dygaszewicz, Poland
Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session: Statistics and the implementation of INSPIRE

Connecting the Netherlands to the European and Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
Michel Grothe, Netherlands
Abstract     Presentation

Update on Eurostat activities Census, SDMX, LUCAS
Ekkehard Petri, Eurostat

Inspire implementation at Statistics Netherlands
Pieter Bresters, The Netherlands
Abstract     Presentation
Session: Small areas and web mapping technologies

WMS and statistics on grids
Marianne Vik Dysterud, Norway
Abstract   Paper      Presentation

Strategies for Geographical information Web dissemination in the Statistics Portugal Portal
Francisco Caldeira, Portugal
Abstract      Presentation

Session: Conclusions and future perspectives

Summing up
Lars Backer, Sweden


Kosovo: Population by 1 km2 square grids

EFGS2009 workshop poster



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This 2009 conference was hosted by Statistics Netherlands , Drs. Niek van Leeuwen (nlwe@cbs.nl).

Hope to see you all again in Tallinn, Estonia in 2010