Proof-of-concept service for geospatial and statistical data integration

Pekka Latvala, National Land Survey of Finland

GEOSTAT4 is a project that continues the work of the earlier GEOSTAT projects and it aims at increasing the integration between geospatial and statistical information in Europe. The project contains participants from nine different European National Statistical Institutes together with 4 subcontracting organizations that include the National Land Survey of Finland. One of the project’s objectives is to set up a proof-of-concept service that combines geospatial and statistical information.

The service that will be set up will be the new version of the Table Joining Service (TJS) that is currently being updated in the Open Geospatial Consortium. The TJS is a web service that can be used for joining attribute data with geospatial datasets. The new TJS version consists of a modular structure where the core module will contain support for the GeoJSON format for spatial datasets and for the CSV format for attribute datasets. Some functionalities that have been recently added to TJS specification include the adding, updating and deleting of spatial datasets on the TJS server together with functionalities for managing the attribute datasets and joining them with GeoJSON files.

The plan is to set up the service to the United Nations Global Platform environment. After the service has been set up, a user panel will be formed in order to test the service and to provide feedback on the functionalities.