A “Sandbox” for Integrating Statistical and Geospatial Information

Steven Vale (UNECE)

UN-GGIM: Europe, Eurostat and EFTA organised a joint Workshop on Data Integration: “Realising the Potential of Statistical and Geospatial Data”, in Belgrade in May 2019. The main outcome was a request from the participants to create a “sandbox” environment for projects to integrate statistical and geospatial information. This would allow for the sharing of data, tools, methods and code between interested organisations. A voluntary Task Team has discussed how to make this “sandbox” a reality, and has partnered with the “Global Platform” an initiative of the United Nations Global Working Group on Big Data. The “Global Platform” seems to provide the required functionality. This presentation will summarise the work done so far, as well as ideas for next steps, and will invite EFGS participants to join this initiative.