The Austrian umbrella organization for Geographic Information AGEO invites to the  AGEO Forum 2019 on register:raster:georeferenz

to be held in BEV, Schiffamtsgasse 1-3, 1020 Vienna 1020 Wien on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 10:00-17:00.

Prominent speakers will address in the AGEO Forum 2019 topics starting from OGC Discrete Global Grid Standard  to methods of efficient spatial-georeferenced data integration as well as  challenges and chances at transformation of discrete administrative and functional regions to grids targeting at data provision of public data, analysing data and decision making.

  • Professor David Martin (University of Southampton, Geography and Environmental Science)
    Time-specific population grids using new forms of data (Presentation in English, discussion in Eng/Ger)
  • DI Roland Grillmayer (UBA Environment Agency Austria) and Dr. Matthew Purss (Geosciences Australia)
    Applying Discrete Global Grid Systems across multiple jurisdictions: lessons learned from integrating spatial and statistical data in a federated environment (Presentation in English, discussion in Eng/Ger)
  • DI Dr. Klaus Steinnocher  (AIT, Smart Resilient Cities)
    Wo sind die Leute tagsüber? Ein Vergleich zweier (Raster)Modelle der Tagesbevölkerung von Wien (Presentation in German, discussion in Eng/Ger)
  • Professor Jürgen Essletzbichler  (WU Vienna,  Institute for Economic Geography and GIScience)
    The need for small-area data in the social sciences: Using populist voting as illustration (Presentation in English, discussion in Eng/Ger)
  • Wolfgang Müller (Federal Ministry of the Interior BMI, Design of critical communication infrastructures)
    Geospatial Technologies im BMI – Die Bedeutung von raumbezogenen Daten im BMI bei gegenwartsnahen Einsatzlagen (Presentation and discussion in German)
  • Mag. Norbert Hackner (WIGeoGIS GmbH;) and Georg Melber (ProfileAddress Direktmarketing GmbH)
    wirtschaft:raster:kunde (Presentation and discussion in German)

A panel and facilitated discussion will open the floor for exchange of expertise and discussion.

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Registration is open!  Please register as soon as possible, as number of participants is limited.