The final report from the GEOSTAT 2 is now available. The main objective of the project has been to propose a model for a point-based geocoding infrastructure for statistics based on geocoded address, building and dwelling registers. The outline of this model, as presented in the final report, is based on national practices and specific national challenges, and also takes into consideration the EU context.

The scope of the project has also included an evaluation of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model the (GSBPM) in terms of its fitness for purpose to describe the use of geospatial data in the production of statistics and to provide recommendations on the possible improvement of the GSBPM to better address geospatial data management in the statistical production process.

The final report including annexes can be found here.

Integration of statistical and geospatial information is a cornerstone in the modernisation of official statistics. The GEOSTAT 2 project consortium wishes all colleagues a lot of success on the journey to set up or improve their point-based geocoding infrastructure.