This year’s annual INSPIRE Conference took place in Barcelona on September 26th-30th. Janusz Dygaszewicz – President of the European Forum for Geography and Statistics had the opportunity to present the forum on a plenary session “INSPIRE by thematic communities”. He presented the history of the forum, courses of action, underlining the importance of cooperation and knowledge exchange on a European level to enable creation and dissemination of cohesive products of merging statistical data with geospatial information as well as fulfilling INSPIRE directive requirements on harmonization of spatial data. The session was concluded with a discussion panel with all speakers.

The September issue of the global magazine for geomatics (GIM International) was dedicated to the INSPIRE Conference. This issue features an interview with Janusz Dygaszewicz on benefits and challenges of INSPIRE implementation in the field of statistics. Read the article (page: 28-29).