The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia has published a new map of mortality for small areas using cells of 250 meters a side. This map is part of the publication “Longitudinal statistics on survival and longevity in Andalusia, 2002-2013”

a product of public access of the Longitudinal Database of Population of Andalusia.

Maps are available on the web


1. Map of mortality rates in the metropolitan area of Seville. Cells 250m

Geocoding residents in family households in the 2001 Census, origin of the study, through the link with the street database of Andalusia joined the monitoring of their lifelines and the development of a new methodology for estimating indicators in small area, have allowed the calculation of a smoothed standardized mortality ratio for the period 2002-2013, which will allow future comparability regardless of changing administrative units.

Maps have also been generated by four groups of death cause for a 1 km cells a side. These maps can be view on


2. Map of mortality rates over Costa del Sol (Malaga). Cells 1km

For spanish version please see Mapa mortalidad Andalucia.